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Search and Rescue in Boulder and Ramat HaNegev

2019 Raising funds to save lives

In November 2019, the Boulder Ramat HaNegev Sister City Initiative joined forces with Rocky Mountain Search and Rescue to raise funds for its sister search and rescue organization in Ramat HaNegev. The Negev Search and Rescue Unit is hoping to build and equip a new building in Sde Boker so that it will have a permanent home to conduct its life-saving operations. The all volunteer Unit responds to approximately 80 calls per year and the number is expected to climb as more and more people are drawn to the region's beauty and recreational potential.

The Boulder community rose to the occassion and we helped Ramat HaNegev purchase vital equipment to help first-line responders save lives. This included a drone, radios, and other vitally needed equipment.

WomenTalk - a Jewish/Bedouin Initiative in Ramat HaNegev

In 2021: Women building cross-cultural bridges

A new initiative is arising in the Negev. Women from the Jewish community in Ramat HaNegev are joining with Bedouin women in nearby undrecognized villages to build bridges between the two communities. In addition to creating trust between these communities, the Bedouin women are learning language and vocational skills that will enable them to better navigate Israeli society.

Our Boulder Sister City will have an important role in helping to grow this initiative in 2021.

What does it mean to be a Sister City?

This is what it means to be a Sister City.

In October 2019, a group of students for Ramat HaNegev's new high school visited both Fairview and Boulder High Schools. At BHS, the teens checked out BHS's robotics club, shared contact information with BHS students and toured the school. They were impressed with the breadth of what is offered on campus - from haunted houses to weight training, from spirit week to science labs. They are returning home with a wealth of ideas to implement at their brand new high school.

On-Road Bike Lane & Multi-Use Path Development Program

Facilitating communication to assist Ramat HaNegev in developing on-road bikeways and multi-use paths.

University to University Collaboration

Faculty from Ben Gurion University, Sede Boqer campus will visit the University of Colorado Boulder to explore future collaboration.

Ramat HaNegev - Boulder Young Adult Hiking Group

Boulder successfully hosted young adults from Ramat HaNegev and coordinated a hike along the flatirons. This will be a regular feature for future visits.

College-Age and Young Adult Cultural Exchange Program

Boulder Moishe House hosts a cultural exchange program with young adults from Ramat HaNegev. This program will re-occur with the 2018 delegation visit.

Delegation Visits to Boulder

Several delegations from Ramat HaNegev have visited Boulder. Visitors include the Mayor of Ramat HaNegev and staff from the Regional Council, as well as a contingent of young adults.

Delegation Visits to Ramat HaNegev

A delegation from Boulder visited Ramat HaNegev in January 2018. Future delegation visits will explore the region's rich culture, higher education, agricultural and outdoor activities.

Possible Future Programs

School Supplies & Textbooks Program

Providing school supplies and books for Bedouin students at the Neve Midbar Nitzana School in Ramat HaNegev.

Learning Hebrew in an Ulpan and Exploring the Outdoors

We will be exploring interest in an Ulpan (immersive Hebrew learning experience) with the Midreshet Ben Gurion Field School. This will include staying at Kibbutz Sede Boqer.

Adopt-a-Trail and Litter Remediation Program

Provide an opportunity for Boulder businesses and individuals to sponsor cleanup and beautification of hiking and off-road biking trails in Ramat HaNegev. The program will also facilitate sharing of expertise with Ramat HaNegev.

Pen Pal Program

We will facilitate a pen pal program between students in Ramat HaNegev and students in Boulder.

Search and Rescue Program

Joint training between Boulder and Ramat HaNegev Search and Rescue teams. This would include cross-training on equipment and techniques for locating and evacuating wilderness hikers.

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