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We are celebrating our one year anniversary by raising funds for Ramat HaNegev's Search and Rescue

Ramat HaNegev's Search and Rescue team has partnered with Boulder's Search and Rescue teams in the past. Both search and rescue teams are composed of wonderful volunteers who give up their personal time to help people in extreme need. The teams perform important life-saving work, and their work has a significant, positive impact on the communities they serve. The Search and Rescue team in Ramat HaNegev needs both equipment and a new facility to service the growing number of people who visit the region. In turn, the Sister City Initiative will be celebrating its one-year anniversary with a fundraiser aimed at assisting the team in Ramat HaNegev with these endeavors.

Eran Doron, Mayor of Ramat HaNegev, Israel will speak in Boulder on November 8, 2022

The Boulder-Ramat HaNegev Sister City Initiative is hosting Ramat HaNegev Mayor Eran Doron and Boulder Mayor Aaron Brockett for an informal happy hour on November 8, 4:30pm. Mayor Doron will share his vision for the region and Mayor Aaron Brockett who will share highlights of his recent visit to Ramat HaNegev.
The location will be provided a few days prior to the event.
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This event is made possible with the support of Jewish Colorado.